We are experts at developing binding measurements and screens for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Binding assays

In the world of ready access to commercially available reagents and sophisticated instrumentation it is easy to develop assays that generate a signal from binding. Unless the design of an assay takes into consideration physical and chemical properties of the interacting partners such as their solubility, effects of pH, light absorbance and many other factors such results may be unreliable or erroneous. Analysis of binding data that is greatly enhanced by the data fitting software may produce completely meaningless results if it is not scrutinized by an experienced and thoughtful scientist. We are experts at developing robust, sensitive and cost-effective binding measurements and screens for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our efforts are grounded in understanding of the biochemistry of biomolecules, thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of interactions.

  • Develop methods for measuring binding to proteins, nucleic acids, membrane preparations or whole cells.
  • Design inhibitor screening studies – direct binding, competition assays
  • Perform detailed characterization of selected ligands – affinity of interactions (Bmax, KD), kinetics of binding and dissociation (kon, koff), thermodynamics of binding (enthalpy and entropy of association)
  • Develop structure activity relationships for inhibitor design

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